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If someone is looking for a top-quality anti-virus software which can even protect the computer from specific and latest virus threats, there is no other better option available than that of StartGuard. It is an award-winning anti-virus software and it detects and removes several malicious agents from a computer. However, this is not all, as this software can even block spyware, browser hijackers, adware, Trojan horses, dialers, worms, tracking cookies and several other malwares, which are extremely dangerous for the user’s computer.

This software provides the complete protection to the user’s computer. It protects the user’s computer from every possible way, and keeps all the malicious agents away from the computer by inhibiting them from getting downloaded in the user’s computer. The anti-virus detection engine of this software is extremely good. It can detect all the latest virus threats from the user’s computer, and remove them at once.

The user interface is exceedingly simple to understand and thus, any user can employ it with ease. Moreover, the software is compatible with different versions of Windows Operating System. The size of the software allows any user to download as well as install it into his or her computer. The software is also free to try for everyone.

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