Download AVG Internet Security 2013

For an ultimate protection of your computer against the growing threat of viruses spreading across the internet, you need more than just an antivirus program. An internet security suite is inevitable for you to have in case you happen to have online transactions or use internet extensively for different purposes. Today, you find a number of options for internet security packages in the market.

One of the very powerful one is AVG Internet Security 2013 that is build to protect you while surfing the internet. It creates a very safe and secure environment for you by blocking all known viruses and malware attacks. It features a number of components to give you the ultimate protection that you would expect. With a very simple interface, it gives you access to all its modules designed for specific purposes.

The Scan module is capable of scanning your entire system for possible threats. You can also scan specific directories. Scheduling of scans is also facilitated. You get detailed reports on each system scan to find out what threats have been detected and what actions are to be taken.

The anti-virus protection is built to provide protection against worms, trojans, viruses and spyware in real time.

The Firewall is a component that monitors your communications for detecting threats in your network and blocking access to suspicious sites. You will find this component extremely beneficial when conducting banking transactions and online shopping.

Email scan is meant for keeping your incoming and outgoing mails spam free. Any suspicious email or attachment file is blocked and removed by it.

As an added advantage, the program also scans your system for junk files, registry errors and unwanted shortcuts. The behavioral detection technology it uses is very effective in providing the most secure protection for any system.

Have it today for your computer and make your internet surfing tension-free!

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