AVG Antivirus Free 2013
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Download AVG Antivirus Free 2013

AVG Antivirus Free 2013 is a new look antivirus package from AVG specially optimized for Windows 8 OS. According to experts this new version of the AVG antivirus scores over its former self and even sorts out its internal issues, one of which has always been its lengthy installation procedure. AVG Antivirus Free 2013 is rather easy to download and installs in just 5 minutes. This is what makes the suite so very interesting. The installation file now measures around 33 MB, much lower than the 100 MB files which had been the case even 6 months back.

The five screen installation package which had been the norm for AVG all these years, has finally been done away with. AVG Antivirus Free 2013 no longer requires a system boot after installation on Windows 8 or even in the earlier versions of Windows. It still allows the users to opt for the 30 day trial pack or the AVG free version, both of which have a neat appearance in this version and meet the Windows 8 standard. Windows 8 has made the software maker’s to reconsider the look of the software’s and this new version of AVG antivirus is no different whatsoever.

AVG Antivirus Free 2013 has a highly navigable interface, one that might upset its competitors. It is to be noted that this new version is more of a Windows 7 program that has been designed to cater to the needs of the Windows 8 platform. However, this version is not just about a change of look or easy installation, as AVG Antivirus Free 2013 scans have proved to be dramatically faster than the earlier ones. Hence, it has had a boost in performance as well. This is the reason that the new software has witnessed a surge in download and installation, all across the globe. It is one such antivirus package which you would love to have on your system.

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