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Windows Medkit is a free tool that helps in fixing errors in Windows, following a malware infection. It is a Software that cleans up the mess left behind by some malicious software. Its developing was an attempt to find better ways to optimize a machine. Thus it turned out to be a program that optimizes everything from a single interface. This centralized interface that it provides for Windows Explorer and other system utilities like Command Prompt and Registry makes it easier to use and hassle-free. Though, when it was developed, it was intended for post-virus cleaning, it has gone a long way in performing other functions equally well.

The wonders of this package seem fewer but are indeed great in number. It has a Custom Run dialog and can fix Ineffective show hidden and system files, No show hidden and system files, No folder options, No internet Options on IE, enables Regedit, Run, Control Panel, Start Menu and also Taskmanager, Msconfig and Cmd, resets and fixes Taskbar and shows all drives in My Computer. It can manage Tasks and Startup effortlessly. It provides added services of preventing Shutdown, Files Dog and Drives Dog. Despite all these, Windows Medkit should not be confused with a virus removal software.

To sum up Windows Medkit is a small application that combines multiple management tasks to automatic shutdown and history cleaning. It does not require an install and provides multiple tools. The only problem perhaps is that it focuses on more advanced tasks without any help-file or guide but the working is so simple that the user does not really require one. He, after launching the program is presented with a tiny console. A click on the WinMedkit menu shows the various options and thus the user proceeds. It is superb for the advanced care of a computer, post clearing the system of viruses.

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