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It often happens that the general processes of the computer are under the influence of spywares, network worms or other malicious agents, and as these are general computer programs, the common anti-virus software will also not able to detect their threatening level. Svchost.exe is such a general computer process, which often gets affected by malicious, threatening agents. Now, to detect and remove such affected Svchost.exe files, Svchost Process Analyzer is undoubtedly amongst the best software in the town.

This software detects all those Svchost processes that get affected by different malicious agents. Depending on the path of the Svchost.exe files, this software detects the threatening agents. Most of these files come with the name of “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services”. This software can also detect Trojan horses, worms, and many other malwares. As soon as the user installs this software into his or her computer, the software starts scanning the system for such suspicious Svchost.exe files.

It can also detect suspicious files which are almost executing with the same name as that of Svchost, like – svhost.exe, scvhost.exe, and _svchost.exe. The size of the software is exceedingly small and thus, any user can download and install it accordingly into his or her computer. All these facilities are available with this software, which is available for entirely free of cost.

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