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SpotFlux is a security software designed to provide you a complete solution for internet security for your system. It is the perfect tool for those who are looking for securing their computer along with a high quality protection for their data. It does this job by effectively detecting online threats that can enter your PC and harm your information. Now you can have a tension-free, safe and secure internet browsing experience. It stands out among the other popular softwares of its class by offering you better security and privacy in addition to the facility of browsing blocked content.

The interface of the program is very simple and sleek which has only a button to activate it. Once you turn it on, it resides silently in the system tray and functions without any necessary interaction with user. You can check the status of the program at any time by hovering over it. You can also adjust the basic settings like proxies, languages and startup.

In order to provide you protection against harmful threats like malware attacks, it uses encryption for your internet connection or alters the ip address of your system. It is specifically useful when you want to surf over the public networks that are not so secure. Moreover, while performing transactions using private information over the websites, you would like to secure your data using such powerful program for online security.One of the additional features that it offers is the capability to block advertisements on the sites you surf. It even offers a powerful virus protection so that you experience better security. The support for proxies is a noteworthy feature. It secures your connection to provide protection for your privacy and block the trackers and malicious content trying to enter your system to cause you harm.

Enjoy a private and secure browsing experience with this free software tool. Download it today!

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