Universal Tutor
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It has been claimed that the Universal Tutor is being rated as the best choice of learning as it provides a classroom type of environment, which is unrivaled by the other tutorial sites. The software provides a choice for all kinds of communication medium, which includes video, audio, instant message etc., but also offers an interactive white board, with the additional wolfram alpha educational search engine. It gives the free access with the best and the most innovative tutors. Thus it had been able to attract some of the most talented tutors from all over the world. These tutors believe in using the technology to the fullest by using the tools, which are available online to enhance the learning experience.

One of the best advantages that we get in Universal Tutor software is that it provides information about the various tutors in detail. The application includes all the past back ground of the tutor with all its specific details. Now this helps students a lot to choose the best tutor that suits its purpose most effectively. Universal Tutor recognizes the parent’s role in the educational field in respect to supervise their children in it. So the parents are also welcomed to visit the site of their children and look into their child’s progress. If required, these parents can also communicate with the teachers and add credits to their accounts.

Universal Tutor has created a competitive market for all the private tuition. It ensures that the student must receive the best tutorials possible in the field of education. Students are provided with 5 minutes of each class to decide if the student is happy with the service and the tutor. If there is no satisfaction, then the class can be cancelled without any cost. The latest version includes some changes in the process of the education system within the software.

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