Scale Chaser
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Now days learning music has curved out new ways and methods. People have no time to attend music classes. To fulfill their desire to learn music, software named Scale Chaser has come out to help them to learn all music theories and concepts. Learning music was never easy as it is today. Now with Scale Chaser you can learn music with easy learning tool called Scale Chaser. With Scale Chaser Software, you can see the bandwidths of your beats while playing guitar. You can adjust your speed by seeing the curves of your music streaming. There are many menus available by which you can learn the basic things about the music. In this software, you have to arrange the sequence of eight letters of music in musical order so that it gives the best sense of music. It is just like a nibble game for the music lovers. It teaches you the lessons of music, how the combination of eight letters can be arranged in much perfect way so that it produces the better tune. The Scale Chaser makes you to learn and create pleasant lyrics. The lyrics so created by you while playing will be shown in graphical way also. By knowing the graphs, you can understand the concepts of music. This software helps the new learners to learn music in easy and convenient way.

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