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Quick Guitar is a tutorial in eBook format designed and developed by Quick Guitar publishers. This is a highly sophisticated eBook which contains music notes embedded in it along with the detailed explanation on the ways to learn the electric guitar. This tutorial eBook includes pictures depicting the different parts of the electric guitar as well as the important notes which are the basics for learning the guitar. The music files attached in the eBook helps you to hear and learn the music as it is supposed to be.

This is where the end user benefits the most as they can have the theory and practical of music learning from this single eBook itself.  The most mentionable feature of this eBook is the chord generator section which can dynamically prepare and compose graphic fingering position of more than a hundred chords which are the most famous in the music field. Apart from this, there are many finger exercises and solo techniques which are in the advanced levels presented in this eBook.

The eBook  tutorial also provides innumerable tips on equipment selection and other tricks to perform magic with your electric guitar. The eBook is available as a free to try version in which only the first nine chapters are available for revision. It has rich features available in the eBook and this is certainly worth the nominal cost offered by this eBook. This eBook is operational on all flavors of Operating systems including the latest XP, Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8 systems.