Mapilab Reports For Active Directory

Download Mapilab Reports For Active Directory

Every company has an Active directory. Whenever you need to know or gather information to make a report about your company’s Active Directory Organization, you can use Mapilab Reports for Active Directory. This software will provide you with solution on many report categories. The report categories are about the users, computers, groups and so on. You will come to know about all the users of the Active Directory and it will also provide you information regarding their accounts. Reports will also be obtained for those computers on which the work are done in the Active directory and also about their accounts. Reports can also be fetched about the small units of people who work together as a group in an Active Directory. These reports will give their membership details, subordination and nesting. There are some accounts, which are blocked and cannot be easily accessed as other accounts are. Through this software, these blocked accounts can also be accessed and thereby reports based on these kinds of accounts can also be made. Reports can also be made on the Group Policy Objects known as GPOs. The report based on GPOs is basically about their category and type. Reports can also be made on the hardware like printer, scanner fax machines and other external peripherals required by the active directory of a company. The data, which is collected and executed, do not require any agent to intervene. So execution of product is very safe and highly secure. MMC console is used to collect data, which enables you to include existing snap-ins of employees. Reports can be created automatically. Through the console, reports can be generated as scheduled by you earlier. This report can also be designed by you for easy creation of custom report files. Operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and 7 are capable of supporting this software.