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Download KurioKlown

Children of today’s world have become increasingly involved with Internet websites and surfing, especially when there is a number of software available, which enhance their imaginations and thinking. One such example is the KurioMan, which supports a wide variety of games and graphics. The Kurio Klown enables kids to create the face of a clown instantly! It is a highly advanced paint program, which can be easily used by a young child with his fingers.  Kurio Klown supports a number of other programs too like Kurio Kolour, using which a child can draw a figure once and the same is automatically saved on the computer without the child having to use any kind of difficult commands.

The program is also voice-sensitive, meaning that it can be protected by ones voice, which prevents kids from logging on to any other program saved on the desktop. The users can also request for additional features in this program. The program automatically updates any fresh content in the game and informs the user about it at once. This Universe Software also provides special offers. Another unique feature of the KurioKlown is the program KurioScope that is extensively being used by children today. It is the new kaleidoscope for the kids. It is extremely user-friendly and very easy for kids to create their own pattern using the design window. After the pattern is complete, KurioScope creates a mirror image of the same pattern.

The image can be rotated in any direction according to the users will and wide ranges of patterns are hence observed!  The program supports as many as 256 colours and is even more appropriate for displays of higher resolutions. The colourful clown has always been a fascination for kids, even more so because it is often related to horror movies and thrillers. This program has become so popular because using this a child can give shape to his imaginary clown and believe in its existence! Being relatively easy to operate and control, the KurioKlown has definitely won over the hearts of many a children across the globe!


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