Heroix Longitude Community
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Download Heroix Longitude Community

Heroix Longitude Community Edition is a very useful application that allows the user to monitor the network and the events of the computer. One can divide it into groups and specify the applications that are to be monitored. The historic data and reports can be accessed easily in the interface of any Internet browser. One can easily add alerts and notifications are also sent to the user by email. The best part of the application is that it can solve multiple monitoring challenges. Self-updating and self-maintaining is required in this application. Longitude provides alerts and monitors the availability and performance of systems, applications and networks. Longitude makes a complete operating system and monitoring of application is possible with a range of platforms. It is also known to provide essential application, system, and network monitoring and the networks with up to 5 devices. It gives an immediate performance and also information about hundreds of application and also metrics to solve multiple monitoring problems. It is simple and easy to use. It is used widely in workplaces, in business and also at home at times. It solves all and faces all monitoring challenges. Heroix Longitude Community Edition is a self service performing monitoring solution. This is the fastest and most affordable application available for monitoring. Best of all, one doesn’t need to be an IT expert to monitor it. It is known for simplicity and affordability.

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