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Download EZGrades

EZGrades is the educational scheme based software which has the utmost application in the grade system categorization and enumeration of points scored. Mainly the EZGrades software is being used as the software, which calculates the points in an examination whether it is a classroom test or any competitive examination through written exam test. All the points scored in these kinds of competitive or written type examinations can be enumerated through the use of EZGrades as this software enhances the use of points rationing system in grade distribution procurement. Moreover, the fact that this software can handle a large worksheet with ease and capable of producing grade cards in the form of BZier curve; makes it even more advantageous in use, towards many organizations who arranges competitive examinations. Grade charts are a difficult method that is a real involvement in any kind of examination score card tabulation as it helps to monitor the performance of the students as a whole or the performance of a single individual from various viewpoints. EZGrades is the software which creates the grade charts regarding any kind of exam score card tabulation with the help of BZier curves and these curves can be altered accordingly by the use of various control points. Alteration that are being made in the BZier curve concurrently makes alteration in the grade chart automatically as the charts are being always updated through the alteration of control points. By the use of the EZGrades software, one can calculate three different grade card calculations at a time and all the grade chart calculations can be displayed or printed at any instance. The software also holds another exaggerating fact that non-linear grade distributions are being marked on the printed grade chart, which makes it easy to monitor the difference in performance. The software supports two different languages as English and German, as anyone of the preferred language can be initiated by selecting operating system language.

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