3-D Geometrical Objects
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Download 3-D Geometrical Objects

In the present day, 3-dimensional objects have taken over the world and for today’s children it has become a passion more than necessity to study the types and applications of 3-dimensional objects. The software 3-D Geometrical Objects is the basic step in mathematics to learn the introduction to 3-dimensional objects. Its main objective is teaching the basics of mathematics. It says that the various parameters of 3-dimensional objects like height, length and inclination of the sides can be adjusted interactively. These objects can be smoothly closed and opened from their fundamental net to form geometrical shapes.

The software enables its users to see these adjustments precisely through animations. The objects can be focused at convenient scales. The unique feature of this software is that it gives a simple and relatively interactive picture of 3-dimensional objects, which are otherwise pretty difficult for children to visualize. The number, length and height of sides can be chosen according to the user’s convenience. The objects can be revolved in space and seen as a compact object or an open net. Previously one had to make use of a pencil to draw the geometrical shapes with proper scales and rulers, but with the help of the new software one has to only feed the required dimensions and get the display of the object he wants!

It is capable of displaying a wide variety of 3-dimensional objects like a regular prism having sides from 3 to 10, a prism having 4 sides with variable inclination and also a pyramid having sides between 3 and 10! With such great help at hand, even a difficult subject like mathematics is no longer tough to master!

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