Download DevTracker

DevTracker is a highly operational tool in this modern world. It helps developers all over the world keep up to date with reviews and ratings of their applications. This is majorly important for the developers to follow the competitive spirit of the contemporary world. In this new era when things get change pretty fast and older things are replaced with newer and more effective alternatives, one has to keep a track of the happenings around to be aware of the fresh trends. This is to be updated of the work around and improve one’s performance in comparison with counterparts in the same business. It helps developers stay into the future of technology in terms of competition as it keeps an up to date track of developments in the world of technology. This helps developers update their own research and development to provide a more advanced product.

DevTracker has a unique feature which allows its users search apps and follow the same in windows 8 Store and Windows Phone Marketplace. This is highly effective as it allows developers to know when a new review is available. This also enables users to see ratings which are recorded countries more than 60 in number. They can do this with a single click. They can even translate titles in the reviews which are written in other languages other languages rather than English. This is specifically useful as developers have to keep track of the development in technology from all over the world. It is not limited only to English speaking countries. Non English speaking countries are highly developed in terms of technology as well. Some of the best apps and its developments have come from those countries. Through knowing the ratings and reviews of those from the translation option, developers allow themselves to be extremely advanced through DevTracker.