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Download Citavi

Citavi is designed to combine world class management reference with the help of a powerful engine that comes with the style of citation. This engine deals with the strongest and the most demanding ways of operation. The reference management has a comprehensive organization of knowledge which helps people build knowledge on the basis of information gathered. It also works as a task planner so that one makes sure that nothing is missed through the hectic schedule of a day’s work. For papers and book that are already there at one’s disposal, one just has to enter the ISBN number, PubMed ID or DOI name so that Citavi may retrieve the information in relation with the bibliographical context.

Citavi allows one to search for over 4000 library database and catalogs. This includes the databases from well-known information providers such as ProQuest, Thomson Reuters, Ovid, Elsevier, EBSCO and OCLC. The exclusive extensions for Citavi’s Picker for internet Explorer and Firefox look for DOI names and ISBN numbers on the web pages. This also allows one to save all the reference material with the help of just a single click.

There are certain selected online databases which include WorldCat, Google Scholar and PubMed. Citavi Picker can send search related results automatically for these. The Picker lets one save passages of a text along with citation in reference to those in an extremely easy manner. The Task Planner of Citavi helps one stay ahead of every task which is involved in a particular scholarly work. One is never going to forget to return books, turn in paper or read articles. Citavi’s knowledge Organizer allows one to save indirect and direct quotations. It also lets one save one’s thoughts along with the related references which one may read. This is how Citavi helps remember sources or page number in an extremely specified manner.

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