Download VaryTable

Now, you can easily convert texts from CAD files into spread sheets! The software, VaryTable, allows you to convert any string of tests from CAD files with the extension names DXF, DWG, EMF, DGN or WMF into XLS or spread sheet. The software can estimate the columns in the table along with the rows by verifying the blank area that is continuous. The program is quite handy and productive especially if you feel the need for extracting table data from your drawings quite often.

The resultant converted file is displayed in the internal spread sheet panel of the program. This is where you can correct and edit a file prior to saving it. You can save the file for working on it later. The program is supportive of CSV or XLS format of files for giving outputs. The programme is a standalone one which is why it has its own module of navigation pane for CAD. The software also has the module required to edit the spread sheet and converting contents into a table.

For using it, you do not need to install AutoCAD beforehand or/and the Excel program to execute the program. The software has a free version available online for trial. It was launched first in 2009 and works with Windows NT, 98, ME, XP, Vista and 7 and even in Windows 8.