Free Periodic Table of Elements
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Download Free Periodic Table of Elements

Free Periodic Table of Elements is educational software intended to be a guide for the students of elementary and high schools. This guide is prepared keeping in mind the subject of science as a quick reference for the students in their preparation for the exams. Though the guides name suggest only periodic table, there is more than that in this guide. It provides all definitions on atoms, nucleus, symbols, and molecular weights for the students to refer.

This free guide provides the complete definition of the periodic table in the best possible presentation available on any freeware. The guide ensures to provide complete details on all elements available in the periodic table. Also all details possible about an element is also provided by this guide. The guide provides you details on the melting and boiling points  for each elements, the density details, electron affinity values and electro negativity details of the elements in an orderly manner. The guide has ensured to maintain proper formatting in displaying these values in all possible screen formats.  The chemical symbols of all the elements are pictorially represented in a clear form.  The guide allows you to search for the topics either from the table of contents or there is a search option available in the guide for words and phrases.

The guide is designed in such a way that the students can access it easily on their laptop, palmtop or the mobile. This can be used as a quick reference material and is the best reference for exam preparation. The latest version is designed for better search and smooth navigation across. This is a free guide tool available for the public and is operational on all Window platforms. This is certainly a guide which you can download for your children’s knowledge and education and it is certainly worth its time.

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