ICQ Translator
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Download ICQ Translator

ICQ Translator is one of the most useful and user friendly software. It is very good tool that is used to have the surety that when the user is chatting over internet with a foreign person he does not get confused with the language of the other person on the opposite side. It is designed to translate any form of language to the person’s known language.

The software has the function to translate messages and different types of other texts into European words almost instantly. With the help of this software a person gets the chance to chat with people of different country through ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and Aims though they do not know anything about their language. The only thing that you need to remember is that you have to select your message and with a single click you can get your words translated to the defined language.

The software has the ability to run on any version Windows; that may be Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or older version Such as Windows XP, Windows 2000. The application in ICQ Translator has the capacity to support a vast range of different type of languages that are English, French, Spanish, Russian and German. There are different types of other apps also that are used for translating but the translation of the language is not perfect.

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