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GRE Writing Conqueror is one of the most popular and unique software that has been designed mainly for conquering GRE writing excellently. It has 5 different types of powerful modules that help in understanding and completing your work, those are typing practice, writing practice, refining sentences, Synonym replacement practice and test mode.  With the help of this module any one can learn and improve his writing skill from a wide range of models of essay and composition. You can also take the advantage of many brilliant references to practice your writing effectively.

It has a function that helps you in increasing your typing speed. You can practice your typing with the help of GRE vocabulary. To improve your vocabulary you should not any key vocabulary from the topic to increase your chance of getting high score. It has a collection of many writing templates, model essays which has a score of 6.

The software is compatible to run on every version of Windows, which can be Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 8.There have two hundred key sentences. It contains packing of common Idioms, Quotation and Apothegm. It has the ability of refining your own sentences and then writes it in English. The test mode helps in inspecting your skill in writing and the test should be familiar with that of the environment.


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