ABA English Mini Course

Download ABA English Mini Course

If you have some knowledge of English then this is the course for you. ABA English Mini Course will aid you in improve your grasp over the English language. It is a simple program that will teach you and then test you. This means you will be able to speak English in a better manner and read at a higher level. When you use this program you will find that navigating through this course is very simple. All you need to go through the tutorials is a very basic level of comprehension of the English Language. A very useful help file is made accessible to you.

The only thing that you can probably complain is that the tests require you to be online and cannot be undertaken with the downloaded program. You can start on this program with a small portion to help you recollect the basics of the English language. Since it is not an interactive tool, all you have to do is read examples of adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, propositions, conjunctions, verbs and phrasal verbs.

The written portion of the test is a fill-in-the-gap kind of questions. You can see the answers at the end. The audio portion has a similar kind of setup. But in this case you have to open a sound clip that matches with the answers. Though it is easy to work with, many users may find it irksome to provide name and Email to obtain the results by mail. The best quality of this program is its knack of breaking down adjectives and pronouns down into specifics like demonstrative and reflexive pronouns.

You can only learn basic level English from this program unless you buy the test too. The disadvantage with this is the online testing and the need to reveal personal details. Otherwise it is commendable tool for improving English skills