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This is a mapping software, which enables you to take your GPS device in the field with you. There are many map systems and websites available. But, the problem is that most of them work on the data given from the government database. The mapping project which is given in the Ibycustopo software can comprehensively be stated as an alternative source to the map sources for the Garmin GPS receivers.

Whether, you need to locate a certain road or an address, IbycusTopo can really be a helpful program for that procurement. This software uses the publically available and distributable data which is being used to create an alternative source to the mapping project. This tool does not serve you with road names and relevant information.

But, the directional accuracy is so good that you will be amazed. The map data which is given on the Government servers could not be loaded easily on your Garmin GPS receiver devices. So, this software is available free to install on Windows XP and vista.

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