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In case you want to know more about the software called Graphic Track Maker, you should know that it is a kind of slot car race track laying out generator. You can make the best use of the software in order to find out various layouts in matters of slot car race sets. The software can randomly generate or conduct a detailed search for the sort of track layouts. Here the layouts have a proper graphical displaying and with the sort of description, you can have the best aid in visualizing and in matters of setting up the sort of race tracking design.

With the usage and application of Graphic Track Maker, you can now enter varied and various sections of slot car tracking and even train tracking. This can be done by means of name, angle, total number of sections, and even by the length or radius of the external edge.

One can make a single entry of the software for the random search of new and innovative track designing. This can be specifically done once you have lost a part of the track or you can even make a combination of two or multiple track sets as the set of instructions that come with the kind of slot car set which will be able to show you layouts by making the best use of all the authentic pieces.

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