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You can describe My Garage Manager as the sort of automotive database mechanism and this is perfectly designed by the best car enthusiast and the kind of optimization is caused to have the capturing of most details about the sort of car collections. The car can be small or large, modern or traditional, authentic or imaginary; you can optimize it best with the sort of software called My Garage Manager. You can make the sole use of the software for the best tracking of congregation of vehicles, or in the same way you can keep track of your most favourite vehicle.

My Garage Manager will help you to store all sorts of details, links, images, files and the rest. You can get the data available just about any car model. It is the best tool ever to help you calculate mileage and even the amount of fuel being used.

The software even enables you to keep a track of the insurance, matters of valuation and repairing and other essential factors required for the proper maintenance of the family fleet. With the tool, you can even implement table on the sort of restoration projects and this will even help you maintain long standing records of the car.

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