Tom’s eTextReader
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Tom’s eTextReader is a text reader designed and developed by FellnerSoft developers. This reader tool allows you to read plain text files in a book like manner. The simulation effects in this tool makes you feel reading a plain text file in to a real time book, all in a much sophisticated manner. This tool is designed for reading both plain texts in any formats or texts from specific file formats like that of project Gutenberg in to a real time book like formats. The tool allows you to make use of all the features a standard book reading tool should provide.

You can decide on the window size, select the font style and size as you wish, and view the file in page size as you decide. The page breaks can also be inserted automatically as per your initial settings. The tool allows you to set book marks as per your convenience and style. The search window is a powerful tool efficient to search for words and phrases quickly and reliably. The tool also allows you to edit the pages when ever required and ensures the table of contents to be updated in an automated manner.  The tool was initially intended for the display of only normal text formats, but now the tool has extended its window for all formats including HTML sources. The display of pictures is complicated.

The tool is upgraded constantly as per the technology advancements. The latest version of this tool allows for direct RTF formats and HTML imports, which provides lots of flexibility to the end user. The tool is well improved up on in handling zip file archives. The search options are still optimized in the latest version. The product limits the use of mouse once the data is selected in the file and allows you to use only the keys for scroll movements. This could have been avoided. This is a free to use product and it works on all Windows Operating system flavors including Windows XP, 7, Vista and Windows 8. This is certainly a tool worth trying for the excellent features it offers, that too for free.

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