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Flipviewer is a simple application software, which serves as a tool for reading e-literature which includes eBooks, digital magazines, photo albums etc. This application helps the user to experience the reading of a book or viewing a photo in 3D mode, wherein one can flip pages to move on to the next page or photo. This flipping of pages can be done to move to the next page or go back to the previous one.

In case there is an embedded file in the book that the user is reading through flipviewer, the program would run the embedded file as well. The speed of flipping the pages can be altered as per the convenience of the reader. Page markers, which can also be customized as per the will of the user, can be set using this software. One can enable sound while reading, as well as take printout of the required pages from the eBook.

With apparently no disadvantages, Flipviewer is the perfect software to give you the experience of reading an eBook with the feeling of reading a conventional book with the cover page and regular prints. It also takes very less space on the device that it gets installed on.

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