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This is software, which helps one to find out about their Aztec astrology. It helps one to know their Aztec sign or symbol from their birth date. The program is known to provide a person with interpretation which is detailed. It gives interpretations according to the person’s Aztec sign. The program is designed to tell a person about the traits in them. This may include negative and positive traits. It is based mostly on the elements and other constituents of nature. This program helps one to know them and change themselves for their own good. It is also provided with keywords, which serves the function of helping a person. One can know their traits better if it has been highlighted with keywords. Every sign used as a symbol is the representation of a god or goddess of the Aztec civilization. There are twenty signs. They are all well described for the understanding of the reader and helping them to understand themselves. This is based on the Aztec calendar which has 260 days. The days are divided into a 13 day cycle. The program has been designed to give the user English translation of the name of their sign. These signs describe various characteristics of the native under the sign. This is a branch of astrology, which is as old as human civilization and special care has been taken that the traits are properly addressed to the user. This calendar is based on the movement of the stars and the influence that they hold on human beings and their lives. The process to calculate is intricate and the program makes it easy to calculate and understand one’s basic traits. It is good to use this program because it gives a very detailed analysis. The analysis is also very accurate and to the specific point of concern. The product is also free at some sites and is known to give a keen and detailed interpretation of one’s traits.

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