United Football
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If you haven’t been too happy with the previous soccer PC sims that you have played, then United Football is bound to change your opinion once and for all. United Football has an amazing online community and some very savvy and intuitive controls in the game that make the whole soccer playing experience all the more enjoyable. You are made to control a single player who in turn has to manage five players who can either be humans or computer controlled, in order to compete and defeat the competitors. The controls of United Football are really enjoyable and unique and nothing like the other games of the same genre.

The controls are simple, yet very realistic and this makes for an enhanced player experience. However, they may take a while for you to master, and so to help you there is an inbuilt tutorial that will help you gain full control of the game and outwit your opponents. United Football is an online game, but it can be enjoyed when played on your PC as well with computer operated players. You have to immense freedom to choose your own games, or also create them. You can choose to also text or communicate through chat with players all over the world and organize your own games.

However, the community of United Football is slightly small, so it will be a task to find a team that will only have all human players in it. When it comes to graphics, the game resorts to cute cartoon-like players and graphics instead of the real life-like players. Also, the characters of the game can be customized to your liking. The graphics are a lot of fun and run smoothly on any PC. the integrated online chat is an added novelty factor to the game. the only downside to United Football is that the game doesn’t seem too realistic.

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