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Sometimes, you might want to play Pong, as it is a classic game that is still popular. The original game was created forty years ago and it is a classic one, being one of the first games that were designed. The original game had a very plain design, being drawn with only black and white and simple pixel shapes. However, such a game was not designed for the looks, as they were not available at that time, either, but for the gameplay.

However, even if you want to play Pong, you might still be unsure about what kind of game you want to play and this is where Pong Pack proves to be useful in order to help you have some fun. This bundle contains nine different games in which you will be able to play a lot of different things. All of the games  featured in this nice package have the classic element of Pong but each of these games is unique in its own way because of different rules and different gameplay styles, and this adds up to the replay ability of the games which increases drastically as you can choose them in order and play them for a while.

The games look really nice, the graphics are drawn in a nice manner and you will enjoy them a lot as you play throughout the Pong games featured in the pack. There is a simple variation of this game that old school fans might enjoy because of the retro feel but there are also more games that have different effects and a lot of gameplay features that are enjoyable, too. In a game of Pong of this pack you will also be able to combine the gameplay with the one of Breakout in order to have a lot more fun than usually.

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