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NBA 2K12 hit the gaming world in 2011 and has managed to stay as one of the best basketball games, ever since. The game has undergone a lot of changes over its former self to make it further interesting to all. Few of the features that make NBA 2K12 land into the good books of the masses include great gameplay tweaks, lifelike animation, good presentation, engaging action and inclusion of many vintage players and teams. All this helps the game score over other basketball games in the market.

Michael Jordan was known for his little tricks that made his opponents sweat. Same is true even in the case of NBA 2K12. The game has quite a few changes which have helped it leave its mark. The revamped My Player mode, good television presentation and the smooth controls are few of the notable ones. This is not all! NBA 2K12 includes 15 great players and comes replete with many of their famous matches for you to be a part of. No matter which era you choose to be a part of, the game dishes out good graphics and doesn't miss a chance to impress.

NBA 2K12 seems to have been designed with utmost care so that even the amateurs could enjoy while at play. The game boasts of good sound, which actually makes things seem lively and engaging. The game allows the gamers to fiddle with the settings and set rules according to their whims and fantasy. All this helps NBA 2K12 come up as a good game worth laying hands upon.

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