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Heartache is a nice game designed by a single person but you might be surprised by the elements that are inside this. The game itself is really simple, just like its ancestor. Pong was one of the first games on the computer and involved only two paddles and a ball that you could move in order to hit the ball and send it into the opponent's field. This is the exact gameplay featured in this new installment, too, and you will enjoy it, even if you probably never had the chance to play the original game, this should not be a problem.

However, Heartache is not only about the gameplay that is similar to Pong, as it has another interesting feature added to it. You will have the opportunity to play a game that is designed with three dimensional graphics so you will be able to use a pair of red and cyan glasses in order to better experience the game. Moreover, you can also play this game in multi player in order  to have more fun than by playing alone. Each of you will have a set of keys that will have to ease and you will not bother each other.

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