Football Manager 2013
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Download Football Manager 2013

If you wish to play a game that features over a million real players and over 50 international teams that you can choose from, then Football Manager 2013 is the game that you are looking for. The premise and the game play of Football Manager 2013 is quite simple- you have to manage your team, the one that you choose, and make sure that it wins local and international tournaments. You can test your managerial skills with Football Manager 2013, as the game strives to give you a very real life-like experience.

There has been an addition of a new graphics engine that enhances the artificial intelligence of the players and makes them feel and behave more life-like than ever before. The game play has been enhances ad well in order to inculcate features like the weather condition and which can easily influence the result of the game that your team is playing. There is also an added advantage of having more characters that you can manage in Football Manager 2013, like for example there is a coaching staff, and also a Directors of Football. There are two modes to playing the game: the Challenge mode and the Classic mode. The classic mode sits well with beginners as there are fewer responsibilities to take on and things are much easier to manage, whereas the challenge mode is pretty challenging with all the tension.

There is also an option of Network Play where you can compete with a friend and compare your skills in order to win trophies and awards for the same. There are a number of new players that you can buy in this game, and you also have the all new option of paying in cash or installments. You can choose your coaching staff so that they can really help coach your team to the best of their abilities. You also get to manage public relations with the press and avoid bad publicity for your team.

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