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Berzerk Ball is the first installment in the series of the berzerker players that will do everything that is possible in order to become the crowned champions of this new age sport. The things are really interesting here, with a basic concept of the game that is really easy to understand but it will take a while in order to master. The aim of the game is to send the ball as far as possible but this will not be always as easy as it seems, because this simple concept hides some difficult things on the way to the longest shot in the yard.

In the beginning, the player will have to choose the character that he wants to take on the first place of the Berzerk Ball tournament and afterwards he will be able to actually start a game in order to earn money. Money is crucial as without them, the player will not be able to purchase better items from the item shop, thus he will not be able to progress through the tournament ladder in order to encounter better opponents that he will have to defeat, too, in order to gain ranks.

The game is really interesting when it comes to the gameplay, and the best investment is a highly controllable ball with different upgrades  that will allow it to be better controllable in mid air in order to avoid the obstacles that might and will appear on the way. There is a big prize for those who set records on the tracks so a good ball is a must have if one player wants to achieve a nice start and have some good money. The game is designed in Flash and it has good looking graphics that will be enjoyable by everyone that wants a simple and fun game.

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