Download Virtual Villager: The Tree of Life

Virtual Villager: The Tree of Life is yet another addition to the Virtual Villager series and makes for a very stress-free play. right at the beginning of the game there is a preview of the story so far. There has been a volcanic eruption and this has lead to the villagers to go to the island of Isola and create a new settlement. Here you have the option to choose 5 characters from the given lot, and each of these 5 villagers will have a different and distinct set of abilities and skills.

Your major task is to set up your new village successfully. To ensure this you have to make sure that your villagers stay alive and healthy, and also that they increase in terms of population. You will also have to manage and allocate the various resources at your disposal and also help increase the abilities and skills of your villagers. Besides this you will have to solve a number of puzzles to move forward in the game and run a successful village. The game is not very stressful, but needs some patience and thought process to play and succeed at.

The catch in the game is that the time in the game keeps moving even when you aren’t playing, until you stop playing altogether. If you stay away from the game too long, then all the hard work that you have put in may just be in vain. However, you can smartly put this to use when building something and avoid wasting time then. The game play is not taxing and is very cheerful. The graphics are vivid and vibrant making the game very attractive to look at. The only downside is that it can be very slow to play. other than that the game is extremely compelling.


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