Download Tropico 3: Absolute Power

In Tropico 3: Absolute Power, the gamer gets to rule a series of islands. Well, Absolute Power is the expansion package for Tropico 3 and it lives up to the expectations of the gamers around the world. The game is loaded with new objectives and a wide new range of buildings. Tropico 3: Absolute Power has a banana-republic kind of feel and is meant for gamers who wish to be the virtual dictator of few islands.

The gameplay of Tropico 3: Absolute Power is still the same as in the previous versions. The gamer dons the role of a Latin American man who is set to rule the islands during the Cold War years. The game includes a good tutorial, one that would help the amateurs get a better grasp of things. The character customization portion allows you to fiddle more with the basics of your character. New personality traits, costumes and backgrounds are some of the other add-ons of the same. The game boasts of an intertwined mechanics of politics and city building, which adds to the charm of the game.

Tropico 3: Absolute Power is a much different game now. The game includes different political factions as Loyalists, Militarists, Communists and Capitalists. You are to keep the people happy in the islands by coming up with police stations, factories, churches, casinos and farms. The new buildings as small garages, power plants and educational institutions make Tropico 3: Absolute Power more fun than its previous self. The game is nothing spectacular but manages to impress all in terms of gameplay and the in-game mechanics.

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