Starcraft: Wings of Liberty
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Starcraft: Wings of Liberty is a strategy game that also allows online multi-player gaming. The main feature of the game is the three races that you have to play separately. The game is very different and yet perfectly balanced. This ensures that no one single player has the better advantage while playing. The powers and the skills are equally divided and also the outcome changes depending on your choices, giving the game a very distinct appeal. You have to battle and control massive armies, fight for ultimate dominance and also completing challenging quests that are located at different places.

This game is very real-time and this means that you can issue orders to your armies and also lead them to the battlefield. The graphics are in 3D and make for a stunning game. this makes the game very impressive and attractive to watch giving you the intense feel while playing Starcraft: Wings of Liberty. The gameplay and the plot have been tried and tested by beta and this means that the game will not be frustrating or boring for the seasoned players. The amazing sound effects of the game add to the atmospheric aura of the game and suck you into its world.

If you play the single player campaign, then you get to play the Terran plot. However, if you wish you can play Zerg and Protoss in the online version of the game. Starcraft: Wings of Liberty is a really amazing real-time and strategy game that will turn out to be on the top of the rank list. Since you can choose whether to play single or multi-player, the game has a lot to offer in itself. The various challenging missions make the game very addictive. However, it can be a little complex and difficult for new players to play.

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