Sins of a Solar Empire

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If you love the sheer spectacle of space strategy games, then you would surely be impressed by Sins of a Solar Empire. There are not many strategy games which have the ability to keep you interested. At times, the repetitive nature of these strategy games bores us and we finally quit playing the same. However, Sins of a Solar Empire is nothing like you have ever laid hands upon. The game has the true potential of keeping you glued to your system for days together. Sins of a Solar Empire is the brainchild of Stardock and Ironclad, and they seem to have done a good job.

Sins of a Solar Empire is a well thought out game. However, people should not confuse it with turn based strategy games that currently hog the limelight. Rather, it is a real time strategy game. Like most such games, Sins of a Solar Empire is set in the distant future. The game is about three factions. The first is the Trader Emergency Coalition, which is basically an alliance of the human worlds. Advent is another group which has embraced alien philosophy and is looking forward to conquer the world. Last but not the least, are the Vasari, an alien species looking forward to annihilate the other two factions. The gamer gets to play as part of any of the three factions.

In the initial stages of the game, the gamer would get to control a single planet, but from here he can explore the rest of the system and conquer new planets. For settlements, you would first need to research appropriate technology which is in accordance with the planet physiology. Asteroids can also be used as a base but they can support small populations only and hence are better used as outposts. In short, Sins of a Solar Empire is a different space strategy game and is worth laying hands upon.