Download Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion by Developer IronClad Games is a strategy game, with the agenda of Rebellion striking upon the players. As the period of diplomacy is over and the controlling powers have exhausted, the sub factions who are trapped in a stalemate start the rebellion. The game is revolutionary in its own way with its refined strategy elements, offering new dimensions of victory to the players. Undoubtedly, Rebellion makes a unique spotlight for itself out of the other games in the Sins of a Solar Empire series. Presenting new content and featuring some cool fun filled tactics, this game can be really addictive to the players be it new comers or the already existing ones.

With the addition of new technological stuff, ships and factions, the level of the sins only rises further in this version, making the game much more interesting then when can ever assume it to be. It has got a high tactical depth and an amazing flexible design, with a super fine game play and friendly interface. From a standalone viewpoint too, Rebellion doesn’t fail to impress the audience. The visual engine is very much enhanced and the power packed combination of the original series along with some new expansions definitely raises the bar of scope that this game already provides to the players.

Colonizing planets, creating a space empire, building huge battle fleets, etc wouldn’t have ever seemed so enthralling before the way it does in this version of the Sins of a Solar Empire series. The Titan class battleships, splashing assaults and a lot other significant factors add to the charm of the game. The entire space structure, asteroids are wonderfully created and one would certainly feel transported to the other side while experiencing this stunning environment of the game. Hence, without any second thought, Rebellion is one such strategy game, which every gamer must play to comprehend and experience the truest sense of the strategy genre.

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