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Shop Empire is the first game in a small series of tycoon games that were designed in Flash - they all have the same theme and they allow the player to experience the thrills of creating and developing a chain of shops that must satisfy the needs of the customers in order to be successful. The game might be designed in Flash but it allows the player to experience a lot of different things that are featured in it, all of them being interesting elements that allow everyone to have a nice time in the game.

The tutorial level is very comprehensive and allows the player to understand every feature of the game - there are a lot of them and all of them will be used when the shops are created, so the player will have the opportunity to learn about everything in order to have success in the real business. After the tutorial, the player will be able to either continue the current level or start a new one, on his own, in order to actually begin the career in which he will surely be a successful player on the market, but only if he dedicates to it.

Doing business is not hard if some required elements are present and in this game, the player will have the opportunity to learn about every of them and make his business successful. There are also a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when the player wants to earn money and he will have to guide himself thoroughly after the guide that he imposes himself in order to attain success. As his business becomes larger, he will be actually invited to open new shops in other countries and he will be able to create a really successful chain of shops that generate profit.

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