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Zombies are a potential large threat to the humanity and because of this they must be destroyed when they appear. However, people did not manage to get prepared fast enough when the outbreak started and it is really difficult to take care of the things now. However, it will take a while until everything can be prepared and things should be done as fast as possible in order to avoid the people in the city to get killed. The invasion might bet bigger and bigger and the people will be in real trouble if something is not done fast.

And in order to do this, the people will have to send their best army to fight this war that is highly unusual. People are not prepared to withstand such a force and they will send robots in the battle. However, these robots are not indestructible and they can still be attacked by the zombies which will destroy everything in their path towards the humans that are still alive. The game is designed as a tower defense and the player will have to build the robots in the perfect positions in order to destroy the zombies that approach.

There are hordes of enemies that will have to be destroyed and they will all come on a path that must be secured with a lot of robots that must be placed in the best positions. As the levels pass, the player will see that the zombies become much stronger and they will require bigger weapons that must be used in order to destroy them. The graphics of the game are pretty simple but they are nice, with no low quality textures and despite the game is only designed in Flash it still provides a lot of quality content for the fans of the genre.

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