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Relic of War is an interesting strategy game that will allow the players to take on either side they choose. There is no bad side here, unlike a real war, each side has its own advantages and disadvantages and the player will have the possibility to choose any of the two in order to start the game. The pro and cons of each side are shown in the menu and it will be pretty easy for a player to create a comparison in order to find out everything that is useful before actually starting the battle.

Each of the sides will control one side of the map and through continuous battles, the player's side will have to control all of the map in order to achieve complete conquest. In the beginning, it will be easy, because there are not so strong enemies to encounter because you are far from the capital. But as soon as the armies advance it will become harder for them to progress through everything that appears and they will also need more resources. But resources can be found in the occupied territories so they have their own role in the game, besides allowing the player to reach the enemy's capital.

Money are important in the game because they allow the player to upgrade the armies that are marching towards the enemy. The graphics of the game are pretty good but they do not matter too much, because the actual gameplay is the one that really matters in this game. There are interesting features in the game and these count much more than the actual graphics of the game and you will be pretty amazed that a simple Flash game can achieve such a great level of detail. You will have to choose wisely if you want to rule over the world.

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