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Pirates of Black Cove, a strategy game, has given the players an opportunity to be a pirate king and conquer the Caribbean. The game had minor issues in its initial days but the following patches fixed those issues. It is split into two components, open sea exploration replete with naval combat and real time strategy land battles. It takes quite a bit of patience to master the game. It is a solid game with plenty to have fun.

The game is set in the golden era of pirates - the 16th Century. The story is simple, projecting the Black Cove clan terrorizing the seas and the three other rival clans trying their best to prey on each other. As a new pirate the player is supposed to gain the respect of those three clans and unite them against the Black Coves. The player starts as a humble pirate and is to earn fame and notoriety to become a recognized pirate captain. In the later stages, the gamer would get the opportunity to join Port Royal, Tortuga and other such strongholds.

Getting promotions within the brotherhood requires force, deceit and guile and is not easy. Favors, bribery and outright assassination help in climbing ranks faster. All this is made tougher by other pirates competing for the same thing. The music is great and the voice work is charming. Certain missions involve destroying specific buildings, capturing key characters and causing mayhem. Completing missions allows the gamer to pick new abilities and unlocking a few structures. Hence, it’s a pleasant experience.

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