Download Mission in Space: The Lost Colony

Turn based strategy games might not be suited for everyone. However, if a person knows how to play chess, it will be enough for him to play a turn based strategy game, even if in the beginning such a game might seem intimidating. In the end, it will be obvious that the player only did a drama over the game and actually everything goes better than expected. And if a player is willing to learn how to play a computer turn based strategy game, then Mission in Space: The Lost Colony is the perfect installment that one could choose.

The game is designed in Flash but it features a lot of nice elements that will be really interesting to test in order to see everything that can be achieved in the game. And, regarding the achievements, there are quite a few of them in the game and some of them will require that the game should be played more than once in order to have them unlocked, and this might be a thing that will increase the replay ability of the game, a great factor that should count in every game, and if a Flash game has this possibility available, then everyone should know that the certain title has a good quality.

Mission in Space: The Lost Colony will put the player in the situation of a commander of a space ship - he will have to find a colony that was cut off from contact with the main base for a lot of time - there are some coordinates regarding the place in which they should be but the player still must search a large area of land in order to discover the exact place in which the colony is located, and then he will have to help them as good as he can.

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