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March of the Eagles is a gripping war game developed by Paradox Interactive. The storyline of this powerful game is quite interesting and the mind boggling multiplayer package just adds to the list of positives of the same. March of the Eagles is a power packed combination of a war game and strategy game, involving traits of both at a high level. The game has its roots in the ancient world and depicts fights between countries. This game makes the battlefield even more interesting. Having Russia as the base, March of the Eagles brings to you the war between different provinces, involving conquests, defeats, bloodshed and gore. The combat moves are excellently portrayed and the design is absolutely fantastic.

The game is fairly easy to understand and is good even for the amateur gamers. All in all, no gamer would feel alien in March of the Eagles when they first play it. Unlike some of the other games of this genre, March of the Eagles involves too much diversity in its design and complexity in the gameplay. The game is fairly based in the real world, where the gamer is to fight for his country. This involves buying cavalry, artillery brigades, other vessels, etc. After that you build your own army with your men and start the battle in order to attain victory and defeat your enemies. It is from here, that the game actually starts taking pace.

As a leader of a force, the gamer would get to order commanders about the necessary things and assign respective duties to them. In short, you would need to come up with quick strategies that can be executed in due course to give your country the upper hand in the battle. You would have to work your way through hardships, to bring your country closer to victory. Thus, if you are looking for such a power packed strategy-action game then March of the Eagles is what you should opt for.

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