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A tower defense game is perfectly suited for those that want to engage in some good strategical fighting in order to keep the enemies away from the castle. This is actually the aim of the tower defense games, from which the definition also appeared - the player will have to defend a castle, a fort or a different structure, depending on the game's story and so on. However, their main aim is the same for every game - the player will have to create a good strategy in order to defend the castle against all of the enemies that appear.

The enemies do not come randomly: they will come in waves and there will be more of them every time. However, this is not the only thing that will complicate the things - the enemies will also become more varied and they will be harder to kill. Because of this, the player will have to read information about each of the enemies in the game in order to find out which is the suited weapon that will take them down in no time. Some attackers will be destroyed by fire, while others can be put down with only the use of a normal arrow.

The castle will have to be defended for a predetermined amount of waves and in order to accomplish this, the player will receive points in order to build structures that will later help him to put down the enemies. The first towers are basic but they will be upgradeable and further structures will be even better, bringing in more power to take down the enemies. Overall, the game is excellent and it will allow the players to experience a lot of the battle thrills as they try to take down all of the enemies that approach the castle that is the hearth of the empire.

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