Kingdom Chronicles
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Kingdom Chronicles is much like the other strategy games where you need to achieve certain objectives, gather resources, defeat enemies and rebuild the town. The game begins when John Brave is far away from his homeland on a sea voyage, and an evil tyrant destroys the place in lieu of world domination. On returning back, Brave along with few warriors and rebels takes up the responsibility of fighting the evil mastermind and rebuilding his town. Most of the actions of the game are timed and on successful completion of the same within the stipulated time-frame would add to your wealth.

The goals of each of the levels might be different, but the overall aim of the game remains all the same. Hence, the gamer would have to prioritize his needs in every level and come up with structures which would actually help him move forward in the game, depending upon the resources that he has at his disposal. The game is much like the Legends of Atlantis: Exodus and Monument Builders: Titanic, although that the theme and the story differs from the ones mentioned. As you keep moving up the ladder and complete the objectives, the game becomes complex and the objectives become harder to achieve. This is what makes Kingdom Chronicles so special.

Kingdom Chronicles by all means is one of the most relaxing strategy games around. The game boasts of a good storyline and includes cute graphics. It is true that the game doesn't stand much chance against some of the other competitors in the same game genre, yet it has something very unique about itself. Hence, if you are a fan of strategy games you would surely love Kingdom Chronicles. The game is good enough to keep you occupied, beat the monotony and is well suited for almost anyone who has a knack for such games.

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