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A third person shooter with fast-paced action and humorous tower defense strategy, Iron Brigade was titled as Trenched, in its initial days. It is in fact a hybrid of a shooter and a tower defense game along with the elements of a role-playing game. The gamer is supposed to protect his base, a ship, thus controlling a giant war machine called a ‘trench’ that can move about the battlefield as needed. It’s a real treat for the PC players as it’s a mix of witty writing, fun shooting and an appealing gameplay. With each aspect well executed, Iron Brigade is a complete package.

The plot proceeds with the 'broadcast', a strange radio communication which is sent across the world and caused the death of many people. Vladimir Farnsworth and Frank Woodruff survives it and gains super intelligence. Thus, they go on creating the mobile trenches, and the Monovision which allows people to experience the world from their homes. Vladimir further constructs Monovision based robotics called 'tubes' and Frank on the other hand brings 'Mobile Trench Brigade'. The game is set in the post World War I ambiance.

The amazing graphics, including the stunning looking enemies and the destructible pieces of terrain and the sound with brilliant voice acting make the gameplay even more breathtaking. The fact that the number and the types of weapons are influenced by the choice of the hull for the trench is striking. Though the campaign is a little short, the customizable trenches and the varied missions keep the gamer glued to the action.

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