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There are a lot of puzzle games that you can play in order to have some fun and test your skills in order to see how good you are, but not all of them are really putting your mind to stress in order to find out the result of the certain puzzle. However, there are also some games that are really able to give you a good test in order to see your ability regarding different problems that you can encounter, and one of these games is Hanoi Towers. The game dates back from a long time ago and now it is present in a virtual form.

Hanoi Towers is the original tile of the game that was invented in 1883 by a French mathematician, and you will enjoy the game that he managed to create at over one hundred years from its initial conception. If the first game of Hanoi used some wooden disks, this time you will be able to see everything in a virtual environment that is really colorful and really nice to play. The graphics are not the best but they should not be too much for such a simple game, and they give you the impression of 3D, so they are enough.

The game consists of three poles of the same size and a set of discs that are placed on one of the poles. There are eight different disks and they have increasing diameters from top to bottom. The objective of the game is apparently simple, as you will have to transfer all of the discs from the rightmost pole to the leftmost one, but you also have to keep in mind the fact that you are only able to put a small disc on a bigger one and there is no backwards compatibility, too.

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