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Combats set in the open space have always titillated the young minds of the gamers and Gemini Wars is based on the same subject. While most of the games in this genre are about alien invasion or conquering new worlds, Gemini Wars seems a little different and focuses more upon space wars. In this, you get to enjoy the exploits of an authoritative person called Captain Cole. The game is about the waging war between the USF and the Alliance forces.

Gemini Wars is meant for all those who have a weakness for space games as Star Wars and Star Trek. The mammoth sized ships in battle formation, firing laser at the enemy ships is indeed fun to be a part of. The game is set in varied Solar Systems where you get to fight the enemy forces and do much more. These include establishing military base, colonies, different facilities and mining hubs. The slow pace of the giant vessels can be a little irksome but then these are equipped with hyperspace jump, which can take you to the action area within no time.

Why is mining required? Well, mining gets you crystals, which in turn is necessary for almost anything in the game. As you complete missions and acquire experience, the points would help you strengthen your vessels and turn them better equipped for any battle. All this makes Gemini Wars an intense gripping space game worth the hype. It is one of the few story based strategy games around and is a good value for money.

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