Download Endless War 5

Endless War 5 is a highly addictive strategy game that every fan of this genre will enjoy, even if this game comes in a small package, represented by the Flash design, it will still provide a lot of gameplay time because of the in-depth management that the player will have to take care of in order to be successful in the war. In the beginning, he will be able to choose a side in order to start the game, and afterwards he will have to choose a place on the map where he wants to play.

After this moment, he will have the possibility to see the positions of the other nations and he will have to go at war with them in order to become the only power in the region. This will not be too easy, because the enemies will not wait for the player to come and knock at their gates - they will also develop strategies and they will build armies in order to attack the other nations that are on the map. Every nations has its army and each of them will try to do the best in order to conquer the others, but this will not be that easy.

If the player does good during battle time, he will receive more weapons and upgrades for vehicles in order to build a more powerful army. This will make the things easier for the player as if he does good in battle and receives the upgrades, he will do even better in the next one because his army will be stronger. this game is the fifth in the series and it perfectly resembles the endless wars that go on in real life, this being the fifth installment of the series that feature only great strategy and action games.

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